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PHEIL LAW FIRM, offers legal services for its corporate and business clients from formation to dissolution, handling all of the various legal issues that a corporation can face over its existence.  We are a Long Beach lawyer with the experience to handle any business situation you may find yourself involved  with.

Corporate Formation

Pheil Law Firm, a Long Beach attorney who has advised many business clients during their move from small business to corporate entity. There are so many decisions to be made by a fledgling corporation or legal liability company (LLC) and those decisions come with potential pitfalls that can do damage to the business and its principals if they do not get the proper legal guidance. Pheil Law Firm can help you with these issues, steering you clear of the problems while helping you set up the exact legal entity which best serves your business interests and goals. From the formation documents to stock issuance to agreements between the partners, our attorneys can help create the perfect business entity for your needs.

Transactional and Business Law Practice

We can handle all of your transactional needs including, contract drafting and review, trademark and copyright issues, and if necessary, prosecuting litigation on your behalf or defending you in the event of litigation over these issues. With the experience our firm there is not an transactional or business issue which we are not qualified to address and resolve.

Business Litigation

In conducting your business, some inevitable circumstances may lead you to court actions. You need to safeguard your interest and ensure the smooth operation of your company. With this undertaking, you will require the aid of a business litigation lawyer to act as your legal advocate.

Pheil Law Firm can handle your company’s litigation problems. We are always prepared to provide you apposite advice and efficient legal representation in order to protect your business.

Our experience from preparing the case to discovery and trial procedure, we will let you feel that your rights are well protected.

Some of the cases being successfully handled by our expert lawyers cover:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Shareholder Dispute
  • Shareholder Derivative Suit
  • Breach of Partnership
  • Confidentiality Agreement Disputes
  • Debt Collections
  • Employer-Employee Disputes
  • Unfair Competition
  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Violation of Trade Secrets
  • Tort Claims relating to Business
  • General Civil Matters

We will personally work with you in planning the best action to take in pursuing your claims to protect your legal rights. Rest assured that our lawyers have your best interest in mind in pursuing your case whether it is through mediation or arbitration or even when the disputes necessary lead to litigation and even on appeal.

If you or your business is involved in a dispute, do not attempt to resolve your disagreements on your own. It would be wiser for you to seek the service of an experienced lawyer who is well versed in handling Civil Litigations. This will save you more time as expert lawyers know how to handle disputes better and your legal rights will be preserved and better protected.

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