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Our clients in the entertainment industry include artists, producers, songwriters, production companies, record labels, managers, actors; Internet based enterprises, merchandisers, and endorsers and sponsors of entertainment property and persons. Whether starting a career or business, or expanding an established career or company, our firm can meet your entertainment needs. We are experienced in counseling clients, filing, prosecuting, litigating, maintaining and protecting intellectual property rights, and drafting and negotiating a wide range of agreements, including recording, music publishing and administration, production, producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate endorsement and sponsorship, license, Internet, and book publishing agreements.

PHEIL LAW FIRM can represent filmmakers, musicians, writers, independent record labels, actors, dancers, producers — anyone involved in the arts and entertainment industry.  No matter what kind of deal is on the table:

  • We will give you a line-by-line explanation of the contract, and suggest clauses that might be added to protect you.

  • We help you keep ownership of your work, making sure you understand what rights you are giving away before you sign.

  • We help you maximize your creative opportunities, adding terms that give you financial reward, creative control and greater exposure.

  • We protect your business relationships, by doing the (sometimes) dirty work of negotiating the terms of the contract.  You are then free to focus on your craft, and to develop positive relationships with the people offering you the deal.

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