Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, professional, and personal legal services to our clients whether an individual or a large company. We offer a single source of professional resources and technical expertise to perform a wide range of legal services to meet all of your legal needs. Whether in state or federal court or in negotiating and preparing written contracts, PHEIL LAW FIRM vigorously yet realistically defends the clients rights and reduces exposure to losses.

“The best indicator of future performance is past performance and results.”

Philosophy of PLF

At PHEIL LAW FIRM, we emphasize personal service in our professional relationships with our clients. We are dedicated to knowing our clients on a one-to one basis, so we can help them make important legal decisions with the broadest perspective possible.

We at PHEIL LAW FIRM truly believe in our philosophy, and are positive that we will always furnish the best possible legal services to our clients. We are genuinely proud of our history and we want you to share in that pride by being a part of our future.

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