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PHEIL LAW FIRM is a full service and online business law firm with considerable trial experience in State and Federal courts throughout California. PHEIL LAW FIRM emphasizes civil litigation, small business, contracts, intellectual property (trademark/copyright), and business litigation matters with experience in all forms of personal injury, bankruptcy, and real estate litigation.

Attorney David B. Pheil’s experience includes more than 30 years trial law experience in all types of civil litigation, business law, real estate, internet, and contract disputes. Mr. Pheil has defended major corporations and business in legal claims in various legal matters. His considerable trial experience has prepared him for the challenges that YOU could offer in any case.

Recently, in recognition of the new reality, PHEIL LAW FIRM, has developed and implemented a new online legal platform (Virtual Law Firm), that now provides our clients with the ability to perform all their legal services from their computer. Our clients can communicate with our firm, provide documents online to us for review, we offer document preparation online for basic legal procedures, provide online or offline legal coaching, and other innovative online legal services. See our virtual Law Firm button Limited legal representation to meet the clients needs is also provided.

PHEIL LAW FIRM has an experienced staff that handles each client with the care and professionalism you deserve. The entire PHEIL LAW FIRM staff from senior partner to receptionist provides direct support to our client in the form of our many services. This support includes specific program development, legal research of specific issues, copying services, client seminar on current legal issues of interest, access to experienced and trained investigative services and expert witnesses for trial.

Since our formation, PHEIL LAW FIRM has recognized that training is the fundamental building block of professionalism. Fully trained attorneys and staff are the foundation upon which a professional service organization is built. An ongoing, comprehensive training program provides the attorneys and staff with the skills and abilities and up to date legal doctrine necessary to establish a high standard of performance and quality of work product that the client needs and expects.

Our training is client oriented and client specific. If the client has special needs and requirements we train all our staff to provide and accommodate those requirements.

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