Virtual Law Office

What is a Virtual Law Office?

PHEIL LAW FIRM’s Virtual Law Office (VLO) provides a secure online environment
that is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The VLO includes
secure areas for attorney-client communications, completion of online forms, and
secure sharing of confidential documents, files and account information. As part
of Pheil Law Firms’ mission to increase access to the legal profession, the VLO
allows us to provide service to clients in the entire State of California or
persons/businesses with California legal issues.

Rather than taking time out of your busy day to visit our office, all you need
to do to receive legal counsel is register for a
personalized account with our virtual law office software. Once registered,
you’ll be able to communicate with us about the nature of your legal services,
review documents which have been prepared for you, and pay your bill all from
the convenience of your own home.

                               REGISTER for your Pheil Law Firm VLO Account

                                      ACCESS your Virtual Law Office

Is it Secure?

Communications made through our virtual law office
software are made via Secure HTTP, the highest industry standard protection
available on the World Wide Web. This web site is a secure site which uses the
https protocol.  This means that all data sent to and from the site is
encrypted.  You can determine on your own that it is a secure site by noticing
that the lock symbol on your web browser is closed when you are in a secure

Similarly, payments made through our virtual law office software
are processed by ChasePaymentech, one of the largest credit card processors in
the world, a Cardholder Information Security Program-compliant credit card
processor. While nothing on the Wide Web is absolutely secure, the measures
taken by Pheil Law Firm to ensure the security of its clients is as close as it

What can I do on the VLO?

  • Obtain legal advice as needed, either in our secure online
    environment or by scheduling a phone conference with an attorney to discuss your
    questions and concerns.

  • Request a free quote for performing legal services.

  • Order services such as Answers with Affirmative Defenses and/or
    Counterclaims, Motions, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, corporate formation
    documents, licensing agreements, website terms of service and others.

  • Receive your legal services online, in a timely fashion,
    without sacrificing the personal services of a licensed attorney.

  • Receive only the legal services that you need while managing
    their scope and direction.

  • Access invoices and pay legal bills.

  • Schedule full-service representation if needed


Legal Fees

All clients are provided with a personalized quote for
the legal services requested before any work is done. The legal fees charged by
our VLO are generally less than the cost of full-service legal representation.
We can make our fees lower because the VLO allows us to provide service in a
streamlined manner and affords us the ability to lower our overhead

Getting Started

To use the VLO, you must register for a free account.
During the registration process, you will be given the terms and conditions for
site use. Keep your registration information (username and password) private and
use it to log onto the site to view threaded discussions between you and an

Once you obtain your own user name and password which will give
you access to your own secure My Legal Affairs page. This web space is as secure as the web space that
you sign into when you do your online banking.

Within your My Legal Affairs secure web space you can do the following tasks:

  • Complete an online questionnaire for a variety of legal
    documents. From this information we will create a legal document that is
    tailored to your particular circumstances. You can complete online
    questionnaires for many common legal documents including a Will, Business
    Incorporation, general business documents, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and
    Health Care Power of Attorney, and many other legal documents. Once you submit
    your information it is reviewed by an Attorney and assembled into the proper
    format. When your document is completed it will be uploaded to your my Legal
    Affairs space where you can access it, down load it to your personal computer,
    and print it out ready for execution. Of course we provide you with detailed
    instructions and advice on how to execute your legal document so hat it is

  • If you have any legal questions or need legal advice on any
    matter, including asking questions on the legal documents we create for you, you
    have the option of calling us on the telephone by scheduling a legal advice
    telephone call or you can simply post your question to the Legal
    Advice/Communication section of your My Legal Affairs Page. We will respond to
    your questions by posting an answer within twenty four hours. If we think that
    your question is not clear we may call you on the telephone for further
    clarification of your question or, to explore further the facts of your


Limited Legal Services

The Virtual Law Office allows Pheil Law Firm to
provide unbundled or “ala carte” legal services to anyone in the State of
California. Our VLO helps clients by preparing legal forms, drafting legal
documents, and providing instructions for their use in California courts. These
cost-effective limited-engagement services empower individuals to pursue their
cases and defend their rights when full-service legal assistance would be too
expensive. Our firm is committed to improving access to the legal profession and
to assisting individuals in their pursuit for justice.



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